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From the high streets of Europe to Sydney City - Greco's Cafe is committed to bringing you the very best craft roasted coffee and pouring you the perfect cup.

The founders of Greco's have been proudly serving up the best coffee in Sydney City for more than a decade. It has to be good because we need to drink it ourselves!


For us this isn’t just about making coffee, this is an active life mission to bring our customers the most flavourful full-bodied coffee we can get our hands on. Browse our site to learn more - we look forward to serving you a coffee soon.

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We take our coffee very seriously. We are always refining, always learning, always in the search for the perfect cup of coffee. From the right bean all the way to the correct choice of metal in the coffee machine; we carefully select our products and tools so that the coffee that arrives in your hand not only tastes good but is good for you too. Take a look below at some of the considerations we take into account when making you the perfect espresso.

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We use Mule Coffee Roaster's Single Country Coffee, the best craft coffee on the market. Silky smooth with a magnificent crema and full of layered flavors, there’s really no better coffee. The Signature Blend is rich and well-balanced delivering raw chocolate notes blended with ripe cherries, hints of sweet-cardamom and a clean roasted sugar-cane aftertaste. Whilst the La Bomba Blend is truly a mind blowing coffee experience! The fruitiest coffee on the market, the coffee beans undergo a fermentation process with the coffee fruit. The end result is a flavour explosion of wild berries, passionfruit and sweet dark chocolate. The coffee doesn't just pick you up, it leaves you wanting more.


Overlooked by most - the right grind is vital to ensuring taste, strength, consistency, and is instrumental in making the perfect cup of coffee. We are constantly monitoring and tweaking our grind to ensure the very best quality and consistency of our coffee so that each cup is perfect.



We argue the right coffee machine technology is just as important as the skill of the barista. We use the latest Conti Monte Carlo 3 Group Espresso Machine. Importantly, it not only makes the creamiest espresso we have ever seen - due to its innovative pre-infusion system - but it is good for you also. The Conti MC has a copper boiler (we have a window back machine for you to see for yourself), which is a wonderful metal as it has antimicrobial properties and health benefits (apparently, it can keep your hair from greying). Aside from that, it does not contaminate your coffee with heavy metals. Many coffee boilers are made from aluminium or brass and this can leach unwanted heavy metals into your coffee (unfortunately some brass boilers contain lead yikes!) Yes, we really have researched this far into our coffee production. We also make sure we respect the basics; we clean our machine regularly including rinsing the head after each cup (you'd be surprised how many places don't do this). We weren't exaggerating when we say we take our coffee very seriously.


The environment is very important to us at Greco's. There is no planet B so its important we protect the planet we live on. The take away coffee industry has had a bad wrap and with good cause as disposable coffee cups and lids are a huge environmental problem! We use certified compostable BioCup coffee cups and lids for our coffees which do not harm the environment. The most sustainable coffee cup solution after reusables. Lined with Ingeo™ bioplastic – made from plants, not plastic. Certified commercially compostable to AS4736. In fact our founders brag that they were BioPak's first client when they launched the BioCup coffee cup range more than a decade ago (at least that's what they were told).

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Come visit! Just look for the colourful World Architecture Award winning Kaz Tower and we are on the Ground Floor.

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Ground Floor 273-279 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000.

8999 0593

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